Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Apostolic Succession in the UECNA

The Succession list given on the United Episcopal Church's website follows a line that incorporates English, Scottish, and Old Catholic lines of Succession. As a result it wanders around the houses a little. The most direct line is as follows:

STEPHEN C. REBER (PB IV, UECNA), who was consecrated in 1996 by

JOHN GRAMLEY (PB III, UECNA), who was consecrated in 1991 by

ALBION KNIGHT (PB II, UECNA), who was consecrated in 1984 by

C. Dale. D. DOREN (PB I, UECNA), who had founded the United Episcopal Church of North America in December 1980. He had been consecrated as Anglican Catholic Bishop of the Midwest on 27 January 1978 by

A. A. CHAMBERS, who had been consecrated as Bishop of Springfield, IL in 1962 [2] by

ARTHUR CARL LICHTENBERGER (PB, PECUSA 1958-1964), who in 1951 had been consecrated as Bishop of Missouri by

HENRY KNOX SHERRILL (PB, PECUSA 1946-58), who in 1930 had been consecrated Bishop of Massachusetts by

JAMES DEWOLFE PERRY (PB 1928-1937) Bishop of Rhode Island) who had been consecrated in 1911 by

DANIEL SYLVESTER TUTTLE, (PB 1901-23) Bishop of Missouri, who had been consecrated as Missionary Bishop of Montana in 1867 by

JOHN HENRY HOPKINS, (PB 1861-67) Bishop of Vermont, who had been consecrated in 1832 by

WILLIAM WHITE, (PB 1787-1789; 1796-1836) Bishop of Pennsylvania, who had been consecrated in February 1787 [1] by

JOHN MOORE, Archbishop of Canterbury 1783-1805

[1] Both the English and Scottish lines of succession derive from the Rt. Rev. Gilbert Sheldon, Bishop of London 1660-63, who consecrated bishops for the Church of Scotland in 1661. In 1678 he consecrated Henry Compton as Bishop of London. Archbishop Moore's orders derive from Compton.

[2] Old Catholic orders enter this line of succession through Horace B. Donegan, who as Bishop of New York, was one of the co-consecrators of A. A. Chambers. A Polish National Catholic Bishop had taken part in the laying on of hands at Donegan's consecration in 1948. In the case of the line of succession published on the UECNA website they enter through Bishop Hulse of Cuba who was consecrated in 1912.

I am not usually one who gets obsessed with Apostolic Succession lists, but just so that you know, your unworthy blogger was consecrated 10 January 2009 in St Louis, MO, by the Most Rev. Stephen C. Reber (PB IV UECNA), assisted by the Rt. Rev. D. Presley Hutchens, Bishop of New Orleans, Anglican Catholic Church, and the Rt. Rev. William Wiygul, Bishop of the Southeastern States, Anglican Province of Christ the King.


  1. Doren was quite a character, Bishop. Buy me a drink sometime and loosen my lips.

  2. Brother Death,

    I, too, knew Dr Doren back in the '70s. Delightful man. Mrs D was likewise.
    When he celebrated, his devotion was clearly apparent, even to a dinosaur. In my view, he was the best of the four consecrated at Denver.
    Dale loved old musical instruments. We went 'junking' in Louisville once, and you should have seen his face light up when he found a 'potato bug', which is a very small banjo. Needed restoration, but that appealed even more.

    I shared this with +peter a while back. I'm reading this old posting while browsing his site. Saw your comment; thought I'd share with you, too.